Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Secret to Success

Why are some successful and some are not: some perform well while others struggle: some are rich, some are poor?

Education is certainly a factor, there is direct correlation between level of education and level of income, but there are plenty of well-educated people on both sides of the issue.

Place of birth in terms of country or city due to limited or abundance of opportunity definitely plays a role, but again, plenty of people born in free societies struggle and fail throughout life.

Good looks, luck, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth etc. all increase ones chances of success, wealth and continuous promotion but do not guarantee it. The one element that is common among the most successful and wealthy is excellence. Excellence in virtually everything they do; in appearance, in manners, in behaviour, integrity, style and work ethic and most importantly, excellence in their craft. They stand apart and look different, we get a unique feeling from them that somehow attracts us to them and causes us to want to be like them. We often can't explain exactly what it is about them, but we intuitively know that it is good, right and the secret to their success.

Excellence is the common denominator – the secret ingredient.


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