Sunday, May 9, 2010

You must become irrelevant

The manager couldn't take vacation, actually, it was hard for him to even get a day off. Taking a day off was almost not worth the trouble considering the chaos that would meet him upon his return.

Have you worked for a leader that hoards information and authority? One that selectively releases information – keeps everyone on a need to know basis? How did they make you feel?

What about you, are you the brains behind the entire operation? Are you the source of all knowledge that causes everyone to have to come to you for answers? Does your phone ring constantly with people calling for simple answers to easy questions? Do you believe that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself?

This next statement is going to be quite difficult for some to hear; the individual described above is insecure. They believe that they establish their own personal importance and relevance by how much more they know, and how much more decision making power they hold, compared to their subordinates.

For great leaders, the opposite is true; success is determined when you become irrelevant and no longer needed. They become dispensable.


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